priest johnson

‘A cut above the rest’

These are the words one of our clients used to describe our work, and we believe they accurately convey our goals and aspirations as a firm: to deliver the high-quality legal work our clients expect from a large firm along with the personal service they can only find in a boutique.

At Priest Johnson, we represent individual and corporate clients, on both the plaintiff and defense side, in complex commercial litigation matters. We also represent defendants who are the target of an investigation or who have been charged in white collar criminal matters. In addition, we provide jury consulting and mock trial services to ensure our clients are fully prepared to make their case in court.

Regardless of the matter or what side of the docket we’re on, our goal is to achieve our clients’ goals in a cost-effective way. That’s the common sense way we do business, and it seems to be working.

Media Appearances

April 23, 2014

Priest Johnson featured as Law360 Female Powerbroker

As a woman in the male-dominated profession of white collar criminal law and complex business litigation, Ms. Priest Johnson has found numerous ways to make her gender an asset for her clients. She explores her experience and successes in her legal career in a recent interview in Law360’s Female Powerbrokers...

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“Kimberly took over my case from another attorney, and the difference was like night and day. The other side almost immediately backed down and dropped the matter. She handled a second matter just as quickly. She could make more money by dragging it out, but she listens to what her customers’ needs are, and she represents those needs extremely well.”

Scott Postle
President, Medical Home Team